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Orlando, Florida. Something more than Parks and Attractions.


Orlando is the cradle of the most important attractions within the state of Florida that annually attracts millions of tourists. Many people arrive directly from their international airport and others take advantage of their proximity to Miami (4 hours away by land), visiting two of the most important destinations of this entity in a single trip.

But what can you get besides delighting in the famous Disney Castle, Mickey Mouse and all the popular parks? Here you will not find exactly the fun you get in Miami, on the contrary, its main characteristic is the serenity that at first sight is perceived in its streets, adorned by beautiful, dreamlike, residential houses.

Disconnecting yourself from stress is possible !. You can assume that these homes have an affordable cost, but those that are adjacent to the attraction areas, are estimated at approximately $ 30,000 to $ 40,000, due to the owners ‘interest in acquiring them for their employees’ homes. Curious fact?

Another important tip is the attractiveness that the city has taken for buyers. Not only is Miami the ideal place to go shopping in Florida, it is proven that at the Premium Outlet Int Dry and the Florida Mall, it is feasible to find more competitive prices of brands and products recognized. Wal-Mart stores are also in high demand.

Thanksgiving in November, it’s the insanity in sales. At any time of the year, however, your sales proposal is interesting. For dinner, if it is of your interest to economize, go for what is typical to consume at fairs (dining rooms) of shopping centers or fast chains, located throughout the city.

But if you want to take an unforgettable memory, book and head to the restaurants of dinner shows with the touch of enchantment and fun that only Orlando provides, while tasting exquisite dishes in a fantastic atmosphere and adapted to the time of the show. Most Recommended: Arabian Nights, Pirates, Medieval Times. For a decent price enjoy a main course, jug of juice, beer and dessert while witnessing the presentation on stage.

If your stay is with package, excellent! In this way dedicate yourself to enjoy the kindness of Orlando, with the support that there will be people preserving that your days are full satisfaction. You will forget unnecessary payments in parks, scams, long calls to reserve, to look for an expensive taxi, to surprise you for meals not contemplated within the attractions, to arrive without admissions.

And if you are one of those who requires total security, a telephone line is at your disposal from Monday to Sunday in case of any eventuality. Eye: Not everyone offers this service. On the other hand, if you are adventurous, rent a car that in the long run will yield more to your pocket than the use of public transport.

Driving from Miami, two hours away is the Port St. Lucie Service Plaza / Fort Pierce, Do not think I forgot about the traditional, Universal Studios, Adventure Island, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Sea World, Aquatic, Kennedy Space Center. That has so much fabric to cut, that we will dedicate a space to each one. Join me to discover them in future publications …